Bright day…


MINA Hair – Lauren

OSMIA – Annie.Dress – Maitreya

Pose – Diversion – Against All Odds


Noveny – Rattan Set – Sofa

Pitaya – Wicker Baskets – Plant

Pitaya – Wicker Baskets – blanket

Pitaya – Wicker Basket

Pitaya – Lazy Hanging Planter

GOOSE – Obelisk with lights WHITE small

crate Back Alley Bistro – Table

Noveny – Rattan Set – Dumb Cane

dust bunny . at home baking . lemon plant

Heart – Wild flowers – Buttercups

dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant

Raindale – Dewberry room divider

tarte. bowl of lemons

tarte. lemon cake

..::THOR::.. Scatered Lemons

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