Summer time…

Summer time


..::THOR::.. @ Arcade Gacha

..::THOR::.. Beach Folding Chair Sand Stripes

..::THOR::.. Smoothie Trail

..::THOR::.. Retro Radio Saffron

..::THOR::.. Beach Tote

..::THOR::.. Retro Cooler Red

..::THOR::.. Flip Flops

..::THOR::.. Seastar

..::THOR::.. Folding Sidetable

..::THOR::.. Beach Hut – RARE

..::THOR::.. Floating Ring Red

..::THOR::.. Smoothie To Go

..::THOR::.. Fence

[ zerkalo ] Picnic at the Neva River – Tray with Food

!Ohmai: Squirt Hedgehog (Rez) [Sandy]


-Sorumin- Come here SET

=Zenith=Rattan Bow Hat – RARE

Mithral * Ginatia

Dahlia – Hudson – Sunglasses



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